Filename Size Time Date
AGiLE - Crime Wave intro.sc6864 KB18:01.542012-03-21
AGiLE - World Rugby intro.sc6836 KB12:58.232012-03-16
ANDROMEDA - MemView 1.0 intro_1.sc687 KB18:53.272012-02-18
ANDROMEDA - MemView 1.0 intro_2.sc6831 KB18:53.362012-02-18
ANGELS - Moonblaster intro.sc686 KB20:34.492012-03-07
ANGELS - Prince of Persia intro.sc688 KB13:00.362012-03-16
Anthrox - Chuck Rock 2 intro.sc6828 KB03:21.282012-03-14
Anthrox - Fire And Ice +9 trn.sc6821 KB12:11.352012-03-22
Anthrox - Rat Trap trn.sc6818 KB00:17.372012-03-22
ARCANE - New Stuff intro.sc6811 KB21:17.472012-02-21
Avenger - Bio Challenge intro_2.sc6810 KB00:19.152012-03-22
Avenger - Top Less Girls Win32 intro_2.sc6820 KB00:57.252012-03-08
Awesome - Lethal Xcess +4 trn.sc6815 KB03:14.082012-03-17
BAND - Manhattan Dealers intro_1.sc6837 KB21:20.072012-02-21
Bitstoppers - Aegis Audio Master Dealer Demo 1.0 intro.sc6823 KB20:45.362012-03-21
Black Monks - Dragons Lair +3 trn.sc6852 KB03:19.362012-03-11
Black Monks - Test Drive 2 trn.sc6816 KB20:36.522012-03-07
BS1 - Jump Jet intro_2.sc6874 KB09:19.492012-03-15
BST - Abra Cadabra intro.sc6830 KB03:15.072012-03-11
CARCASS - Sim City 1.2 Turbo intro.sc688 KB03:22.212012-03-11
Classic - Betrayal intro.sc6816 KB18:16.052012-03-15
CONQUEROR and ZIKE - Continental Cirkus Mega trn.sc685 KB18:58.202012-02-18
CREST - Jimmys Fantastic Journey intro.sc689 KB21:04.502012-03-07
CREST - Valhalla 3 German intro.sc6849 KB19:21.472012-02-19
CRUX - Super Hang-On intro_1.sc685 KB03:24.592012-03-11
CRUX - Super Hang-On intro_2.sc685 KB03:24.592012-03-11
CRUX - Super Loops +2 trn_1.sc6819 KB21:22.242012-03-21
CRUX - Super Loops +2 trn_2.sc689 KB21:22.242012-03-21
Crystal - Steel Empire intro.sc6813 KB13:02.102012-03-16
DECADE - Ugh! intro_1.sc6811 KB01:11.272012-03-10
DECADE - Ugh! intro_2.sc680 KB01:11.272012-03-10
DECAY - Ooops Up +2 trn.sc689 KB03:35.422012-03-11
DEFJAM - Ghouls n Ghosts intro.sc6885 KB20:05.232012-03-15
DEFJAM - Power Drift intro.sc6818 KB13:05.262012-03-16
DEFJAM - Rock Star Ate My Hamster intro.sc687 KB13:03.592012-03-16
DOC - Boulderdash intro.sc6880 KB01:13.462012-03-08
Dual Crew - Punisher 100% intro.sc6817 KB21:27.252012-02-21
Dual Crew - Super Cars 2 trn.sc689 KB19:00.262012-02-18
ENERGY - The Blues Brothers +17 trn.sc6821 KB12:15.142012-03-22
EP - SEAT Driving Simulator intro.sc6823 KB20:05.072012-03-21
ERRORSOFT - Minden intro.sc68106 KB03:30.252012-03-17
ESI - Worlds At War intro.sc6833 KB03:57.492012-03-11
EXPRESS - Wind Surf Willy intro.sc682 KB19:59.382012-03-20
FAiRLiGHT - Corsariors++ intro.sc6838 KB22:31.282012-03-07
FREESTYLE - The Inner City intro.sc6864 KB13:09.122012-03-01
HOODLUM - Dennis Aga Final intro.sc6818 KB21:06.492012-03-07
HOODLUM - Last Ninja Trilogy intro.sc6810 KB21:07.552012-03-07
HORiZON - Ghosts n Goblins trn.sc683 KB22:53.182012-02-21
Infinite Perfection - Bridge Player Galactica 2.1 intro.sc6827 KB03:34.322012-03-17
KENT - Logic Works Final 5 intro.sc6861 KB01:11.212012-03-17
KENT - The Forest intro.sc68127 KB01:14.412012-03-17
LEGEND - Dynamite Dick intro_1.sc6816 KB20:38.012012-02-29
LEGEND - Dynamite Dick intro_2.sc6810 KB20:38.542012-02-29
LSD - Wordsworth 1.1 intro.sc6834 KB09:31.042012-03-15
Medway Boys - Thundercats intro.sc6884 KB12:57.272012-03-16
MiRACLE - Chess Player 2150 intro.sc682 KB22:38.592012-03-07
MiRACLE - Gravity intro.sc6837 KB22:40.312012-03-07
MiRACLE - Kid Gloves intro.sc6823 KB21:51.112012-03-21
MiRACLE - Xenomorph intro.sc6828 KB22:41.542012-03-07
MOVERS - KR35 intro.sc6852 KB01:53.002012-03-27
ORACLE - Bomber Bob Final intro.sc6844 KB01:45.172012-03-10
ORACLE - Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters +5 trn_1.sc6824 KB02:59.012012-03-25
ORACLE - Gary Linekers Hot-Shot! intro.sc6829 KB13:12.432012-03-16
ORACLE - James Pond Pre-release intro.sc689 KB19:29.082012-02-19
ORACLE - Pipe Mania intro.sc6816 KB20:07.532012-03-15
ORACLE - Populous Data Disk intro.sc6831 KB19:17.522012-02-18
OUTLAWS - Jet Strike intro_1.sc6814 KB23:16.502012-02-19
OUTLAWS - Jet Strike intro_2.sc6826 KB23:18.552012-02-19
PAPiLLON - Special Forces intro.sc6810 KB22:56.142012-02-21
PARADiSE - Accountant 2.3 Sales Version intro.sc6814 KB23:03.202012-02-21
PARADOX - Days of Thunder intro.sc6825 KB22:43.352012-03-07
PARADOX - Disney Anim Studio intro.sc6821 KB21:28.272012-03-15
PARADOX - ESWAT intro.sc6829 KB21:30.232012-03-15
PARADOX - Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf intro.sc6831 KB20:44.042012-02-29
PARADOX - Panza Kick Boxing intro.sc6813 KB21:09.032012-03-15
PARADOX - The Immortal intro.sc6823 KB19:50.012012-03-09
Postmortem - Handball Manager 09 intro.sc6828 KB15:52.102012-02-26
PRESTiGE - Tactical Manager Italia intro_2.sc6820 KB20:33.312012-03-21
PROPHECY - Jamcracker Ripper 1.7 intro.sc6819 KB02:00.052012-03-27
Punishers - Project One intro.sc6820 KB18:23.012012-03-15
Punishers - Quick And Silva intro.sc6823 KB18:24.222012-03-15
QUADLiTE - Coppercabana intro.sc6850 KB03:50.552012-03-17
QUADLiTE - World Darts trn.sc6825 KB21:32.322012-02-27
QUARTEX - Blues Brothers intro.sc6829 KB03:48.442012-03-14
Random Access - Playhouse StripPoker intro.sc6823 KB23:05.502012-02-21
Razor1911 - Spirit of Excalibur intro.sc6819 KB18:25.242012-03-15
REBELS - CJ Elephant Antics +9 trn.sc6824 KB01:59.212012-03-10
SCOOPEX - Crash Landing intro.sc68152 KB03:51.332012-03-14
SCOOPEX - Exectutioner Playable Preview intro.sc6883 KB22:51.292012-03-07
SCOOPEX - Logical Preview intro.sc68107 KB22:53.162012-03-07
SCOOPEX - Race Driving +5 trn.sc689 KB11:22.142012-03-23
SETROX - Krypton Egg trn.sc6813 KB21:13.342012-03-07
SKiD ROW - Celtic Legends intro.sc6813 KB21:39.052012-02-27
SKiD ROW - Clever Kids Pony World intro.sc688 KB00:37.162007-11-12
SKiD ROW - D-Day English intro.sc6832 KB04:08.352012-03-14
SKiD ROW - Helldorado intro.sc688 KB13:11.512010-06-18
SKiD ROW - Imperial Romanum intro.sc6814 KB22:12.152010-12-01
SKiD ROW - International Ice-Hockey intro.sc6833 KB21:41.322012-02-27
SKiD ROW - Light of Altair intro.sc6850 KB18:44.282009-06-14
SKiD ROW - Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands intro.sc686 KB13:00.062010-07-11
SKiD ROW - Robotnic intro.sc688 KB19:51.002012-03-09
SKiD ROW - The Water Horse. Legend Of The Deep intro.sc688 KB18:21.232008-03-10
SOC - Cannon Fodder +3 trn.sc6822 KB11:24.562012-03-23
The Band - Roller Coaster Rumbler intro.sc6823 KB13:28.242012-03-01
The Band - Unreadable intro.sc68116 KB03:53.222012-03-17
The Company - Bards Tale III intro.sc6822 KB03:30.532012-03-14
The Company - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles intro.sc687 KB03:24.092012-03-14
TMA - Airport intro.sc6836 KB02:03.392012-03-17
TMA - Barney and Freddy Mouse intro.sc6855 KB02:28.022012-03-10
TPC - Space Harrier II intro.sc6823 KB02:06.382012-03-17
TRiLOGY - Paris Dakar 1990 intro.sc6811 KB18:28.292012-03-15
TRSi - Breach intro.sc6836 KB04:10.202012-03-14
TRSi - Operation COM.BAT intro.sc6848 KB00:31.152012-03-22
TRSi - Sculpt Animate 4D Junior intro.sc6870 KB02:08.552012-03-17
TRSi - Super Soccer intro.sc6844 KB00:32.262012-03-22
TRZ - Hero Quest II intro.sc689 KB11:30.122012-03-23
TRZ - Test Match Cricket intro.sc6818 KB22:55.482012-03-07
ViSiON - Professional Lottery System intro.sc6816 KB00:35.052012-03-22
VOODOO - Rick Dangerous II intro.sc689 KB03:59.562012-03-17

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